Hand Made Harpsichord Built by Paul Sable


Beautiful Handmade Harpsichord.

This handsome, made from scratch, harpsichord, was designed and built by master sculptor, Paul Sable, in 1985, as his “magnum opus.” It is lovingly constructed of six hardwoods and two soft woods. The outer case, legs and bench are American Black Walnut.

The instrument is equipped with 61 keys and has a range of five octaves. The tone is considered excellent. The construction and joinery reveals the work of a true master craftsman.

The keyboard sharps are of Indian Ebony and the whole note keys are of Brazilian Rosewood. The exotic hardwoods are laminated on a pearwood and birch frame.

The wrest plank (which holds the tuning pins) is composed of a solid two inch thick slab of Maple. There are trim pieces of Peruvian Walnut. The sound board is Alaskan Sitka Spruce, valued for its quality and age (more than 12 annular rings per inch.) Alaskan Sitka Spruce is thought of as the finest soundboard material in the world and is used by Steinway and many other quality instrument makers.

The jacks are made of Delrin and are from Hubbard. The instrument comes complete with electronic tuner, a tuning hammer, and a matching hardwood bench.

As with any instrument constructed almost entirely of wood, it will need to be regularly tuned, and adjusted as weather conditions change.

This is a one of a kind handmade and fully functional harpsichord. It is an excellent showpiece for a cozy music room or a wonderful practice instrument for a serious musician.