Designer Daniel Schuster and the EarthFire Fine Jewelry Team

Daniel Schuster - A jewelry and fashion designer who also creates exhibitions that are fusion of the Arts and Sciences.

Jan Preston Dunn - Poseidon, Mercury, Hunters, Shaman, Norde Dragon, Eternity, Blade Runner, Charisma, designed by Daniel Schuster and created in collaboration with precious metal artist, Jan Preston Dunn.

Larry Schuster - Lightning Bolts designed by Daniel Schuster in collaboration with master sculptor, Larry Schuster.

Michael Kluch - Photography by art and fashion Michael Kluch

Our Passion

EarthFire Gallery Fine Jewelry is a stunning collection of handmade Sterling silver classic artworks. Born of fire and earth, forged in the spirit of the gods, these stunnings works are infused with the majestic power of archetype and myth.

As with the charms, amulets, and talismans worn by the ancients, each artwork is lovingly and meticulously crafted for the unique man or woman of style wishing to express the fire and adventure of their inner nature. Such treasures are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime, to be tenderly shared with family and friends, from one age to the next, for millennia.

The Process

EarthFire Gallery Fine jewelry artworks are handcrafted, individually professionally cast in pure Sterling silver using the lost wax method, then carefully hand finished.

An idea becomes an early sketch.

The sketch is finalized.

The pendant is painstakingly crafted by hand over a 30-day period using Sterling silver Precious Metal Clay.

The PMC Norde Dragon is fired at 1650° F for two hours.

The original PMC Norde Dragon is hand finished and ready for the casting process so that the pendant can be shared with jewelry lovers around the world.

This is a back view of the PMC Dragon Pendant.

A rubber mold is create from the original piece, then hot wax is poured into the mold to make a wax duplicate.

The wax duplicate is surrounded by a casing of plaster within a metal cylinder, molten Sterling silver is introduced, the wax melts away leaving the cast silver pendant which is then hand finished.

Norde Dragon